Bulk SMS Business Models – Part 1

Want to start a bulk SMS business? Well, it pays to know how you will be making money. That’s what business models are all about. In this series, I will be talking about many bulk SMS business models for so that you can choose the one with the most advantages to you.


Do You Know That Bulk SMS Are Not Delivered to Ported Numbers in Nigeria?

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If you’re using a ported SIM, tough luck for you! Why? Because you won’t be able to receive SMS sent over the Internet, as it is now.


Bulk SMS & Business Name – Note This!

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If you’re starting a new business or renaming your business you will do well to take bulk SMS or SMS marketing into consideration.

How? By limiting the letters or characters in your business name to 11 characters maximum – including spaces.


101 Everyday Text Messages – FREE!

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Dear Nigerian bulk SMS user, save time when you want to compose and send your bulk SMS!

We have compiled touching and powerful text messages covering almost every aspect of living for you to take a cue from.